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Hello everyone!
I need to set global shortcut (F3), for global command, openning commonform. For example: whatever user is doing (no matter what kind of form is just open or edited) when he or she uses this shortcut, then this common form opens.
Is it possible?
Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Kris, hello!

I know one way you can do it. There is global short key command Ctrl + Shift + F for opening a default search form. You can set up your own form for this shortcut in the configuration property. After this the command Ctrl + Shift + F will call your form.

Kind regards,

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Yes, but I need my own shortcut (F3 key) and besides Ctrl+Shift+F doesn't work always. It should work no matter I do.

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Dear Kris,

There is no universal solution for this task.

Option 1. Create a common command with a keyboard shortcut and bind the command to an actions panel group.

Alternatively, if you do not want to display the command in the user interface, you can place the command to a common command group, bind the group to the actions panel, and then, in the main section command interface, hide the command.

Anyway, such a shortcut does not work elsewhere in your application.

In the command, it is recommended to use keyboard shortcuts that differ from those that 1C:Enterprise platform uses by default. For instance, F3 is used to find the next occurrence of the sought-for element.

Option 2. Use an external component (like AddHook.dll) to catch all keyboard pressing events and process them in accordance with how you want to respond to a particular keyboard shortcut.

This option works in the thin and thick client and does not work in the web client.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurov

1C Company support team