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I have a configuration file.
I have 250 companies using this file.
I've updated my configuration file.
How can I update the 250 companies?
Can I update this automatically?

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Dear mr lee,

Your options to update the configuration for your customers are as follows:

- Provide your customers with a new configuration file (.cf). Your customers are to apply the file in Designer.

- Provide them with a configuration update file (.cfu) that stores only differences between the previous and the next version of the configuration. Your customers are to apply the file in Designer.

- In another release of your infobase, implement the configuration update functionality, which lets you publish new configuration updates (.cf or .cfu files) and lets your customers update their infobases directly in 1C:Enterprise mode. The configuration update functionality is available in the Standard Subsystems Library.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurov

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