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Our project 1C: Enterprise platform 8.3 v. We have installed the new version
1-Chrome Browser does not come up with a file selection window for data transfer from Excel. Thin clinet use is also normal
2- In our mobile application ios 13.1 "configuration format is wrong", we get the error. Our mobile application version 1C: Enterprise 8 Mobile platform v.

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Hi Ercan Aycan!

Not enough information to conclude ...

On the first question:

Does it work in other browsers?
What 1C configuration are you using?
Is the version for thin clients too?

On the second question:

The error began to arise after the transition to a new version of the 1C platform?
Does the error only occur on iOS? Or on Android too?
Does your mobile application use data exchange with software on the platform
How`s your sharing mechanism implemented? How`s your program code?