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I am using BarcodeGenerator, from Subsystems Library, to generate barcodes EAN13 and ins ert them in a spreadsheet, but after I generate the image(size 100/90) I try to scan them but they are not recognised. After I make the image a little bigger it is recognized by scandit app, but other scan apps still do not recognize it, and after the scan it tells that code type is 32 and it is se t in 1c to generate for EAN13.
I am not 100% sure that the size of the image is the problem.
I have to work with small image size to fill a page row with 2 or 4 labels.
Does anyone haves an ideea what the problem is or how the barcode generator should be configured in order to be valid for barcodes with length 13?

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Dear Birtu Andrei Bogdan,

could you send me a sample of your code? Also, please answer what version of the Subsystems Library do you have?

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