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How can I prepare setup file for written configurations?

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Dear Sabri Mendi,

there is no concept of a setup file in the 1C platform.

In any case, we first install the 1C platform itself on the server or user's laptop. Let's say this is a "programming language".

We can do without installing the platform on the user's laptop if we work through a browser, but in any case, the platform must be installed on the server.

The program code we are working on (we call it "configuration") can be saved to a file with the .cf extension and used on any device that has a 1C platform. You can save the .cf file from the Designer (please see screenshot 1).

In this case, only the program code is saved. But it's also possible to save (and then restore) the program code along with the entered user data into a file with the .dt extension (Screenshot 2).

Saving to .dt file can also be used as a data backup.

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