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One of our customers wants to use their cash register at 1c: drive. How can we integrate the cash register it bought with 1c: drive? Is there any sample code? What should I do?

Note: It will use the brand as the cash register.

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Hello Ertuğrul,

yes, it's possible to connect various retail equipment to 1C: Drive, including any cash register.

But in order to answer you how to do this, you need to know the technical characteristics of your device.

The cash register can be connected directly to 1C:Drive, the so-called "Online connection". And also it's possible to operate when the daily sales data goes to 1C:Drive after the cash register shift is closed.

In any case, you must first get a full technical description of the cash registrar's work, and then decide how to connect it to 1C:Drive.

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