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I want to select the records in the ChoiceForm form with the check box (Picture-1). How can I do it?

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Hello Ertuğrul,

the 1C platform allows user to select multiple items without using checkboxes. That is, the user can always select several values in the selection form. You can also use the Ctrl and Shift key combinations to select (screenshot 1).

But after multiple choices, the programmer needs to process the received data. The code will look like this:

Procedure Fillling(Command)
   notify = New NotifyDescription("FilllingAtServer",ThisForm);
   selectionParameters = New Structure;
   selectionParameters.Insert("ChoiceMode",       True);
   selectionParameters.Insert("MultipleChoice",    True);

Procedure FilllingAtServer(result, parameters) Export 
   For Each curElement In result Do 
      newLine = Object.TabularSection1.Add();
      newLine.Attribute1 = curElement;

For your convenience, have attached dt-file that implements this example.

If you want to implement the selection exactly by checkboxes, then this is also possible, but will more complex implementation.

Download 1.png (7.51 KB)
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