How can I bring a functional option to subsytem?

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Hi everyone,
Even I'm trying to find a way to bring a new functional to a subsystem but it does not work And my question is
How can I bring it to be displayed in subsystem.
And one more question is
Are there any general fomula to bring some metadata object to be display in subsystem. Which kinds of object are hidden and which kinds are displayed? Do we have any list?

Thank you

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You cannot see functional option itself in the user interface. It does not have UI form. You can see a constant or any other object that is used as a location for functional options. By changing this location object you can apply functional option behaviour.

For you second question just go to object class in configuration tree, open change/setup wizard and go to functional options tab. Then click against each of the functional option that you want your object to be linked to.

Hope this helps,

Kind regards

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