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Where do we find the user table name and and where exactly the user information is stored in 1C

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1C is using its onw ORM system which maps all 1C objects to database tables. For 1c developers it really doesn't matter which database table is used. We are not working directly with DB tables, we are using ORM to get access to information in tables. Given the fact that different database systems have different structures this is quite wise approach. All you need to know is what type of 1c object is representing the users class. In 1c we do have users class and you can find it in the 1c configuration mode under menu administration->users

Hopes this clarifies your question.

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In 1C: Enterprise, the user table is typically stored in the "Standard" configuration. The table name is "Users".

You can access the table by following these steps:

Open the "Configuration" menu in 1C: Enterprise and select "Designer" or "Configuration Designer" (Конфигуратор).

In the "Designer" or "Configuration Designer" window, navigate to the "Standard" configuration.

In the "Standard" configuration, navigate to the "Data Dictionary"and find the "Users" table.

You can now view the structure of the "Users" table and see its fields and properties.

It's important to note that this is the default table for users, the actual table name can be different if the system is customized. If the standard configuration is modified, it could be possible that the table name is different, in that case, you should check the system documentation or the developer to know the real table name.

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