a new document and a new OrderStatuses catalog

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Hello, what I am trying to do is actually very detailed. But if I talk about it briefly, maybe you can offer a better solution.

Config DriveTR edition I am using
I wanted to use the OrderStatus feature for a document I just created.
I did detailed research on this first and realized that I needed to create a new status catalogue.
I copied the existing SalesOrderStaturses catalog to the Extension and renamed it, now it will be a status catalog that will be linked to my document.
But when I realized that the issue is not limited to this, User, Externaluser, catalogs.
Charts of characteristic types > UserSettings
Information register > UserSettings
Common modules > OrderStatuses
Common modules >DriveReUse
I realized that I needed to use this feature in many things such as.
Yes, I did everything, especially I learned that my new document, such as SalesOrder, should be written in Common modules > OrderStatuses, and I added the codes I would write in the extension with Before or After procedures.
It didn't work, I was very tired, but I could neither use the default status nor the ListForm of the newly created catalog was opened. The error I get is below.
I know this feature is not associated with SSL. Associated with Drive.
If you have any documents or questions regarding this subject, please help.

{(20, 30)}: The parameters are incorrect in the comparison process. Unlimited length fields and mismatched type fields are not compared.
AND (UserSettings.Setting<<?>>=&UserSetting)

The place where this error comes is NewOrderStatuseCatalog.ListForm > DynamicList > CustomQuery

All other Statuse catalogs.listform have the same code.

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Hello Ertuğrul,

it is very difficult to understand where the error occurs, since it is not clear how the code works.

Could you send me your dump?

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Just came
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Joined: Aug 13, 2022
Company: ComPhase Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti.

I sent you an e-mail.

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