How to Open Managed Forms in the Main Application Window?

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Good afternoon!
I’m trying to solve a non-standard task: adopt the Managed Application interface of 1C to the common web standard: smooth navigation in the main browser window with a minimum of additionally opened windows.
The configuration is small, very special and totally written by us. So we can do it in the way we like it.
The question: is there a technique which allows opening objects forms in the main application window? List forms are opened in the main window, there is no problem, but objects forms (catalog items, documents) are opened in separate windows.

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The OpenForm method has a parameter, defining in which window to open it.
Global context.OpenForm
OpenForm(<Fo rmName>, <Parameters>, <Owner>, <Unique>, <Window>)

Note the last two parameters:
<Unique> (optional)
Type: Arbitrary.
This parameter can be used to set a key with a value that will be used for searching forms that have already been opened. If a form has the same uniqueness key, the found form will be activated instead of a new form being opened.
If the value is False, the system will look for a form with a default uniqueness key, and if the value is True, there will be no search for a form. Any other value specifies the uniqueness key on which the search will be performed.
Default value: False
<Window> (optional)
Type: ClientApplicationWindow;WindowOpenVariant.
The application window in which the form will be opened.
Applicable for managed forms only. The window should be either the main application window or the form's auxiliary window.

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