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Is it possible to view all the licenses available to use on a single server? We have installed 2 licenses on a client server, but he claims that only one session is possible. If I use About dialog I can see currently used license, and decide that another one is not available to the server, but what if there are more licenses? How I could be 100% sure which are the licenses available to the server (web server in this case).

Another related question.
If I use licensing server (separate from working server) and it stops responding for some reason, will working server continue working until restart? Could I have 2 licensing servers: one with server license and with some client licenses and another one with just client licenses.. so when primary license server stops responding another one will provide licenses until the first one is working again?

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Timofey Bugaevsky


Hello, Alexey Gerasimov.

Single-user licenses should be installed on client computers and can not work in multi-user mode.
Please, see How to register your 1C:Enterprise platform for more details.

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