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What are the differences between the products below.
but a 32 bit system can be installed on a 64 bit system.

4601546102027 1С:Enterprise 8. Server license (x86-32)
4601546102034 1С:Enterprise 8. Server license (x86-64)

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Dear harun Fişekci,

The main difference between the x86-32 and x86-64 versions of 1С:Enterprise 8 Server is the size of the accessible memory address space. For each working process, an x86-32 server can access up to 2GB of the memory address space. An x86-64 server does not have such a limitation.

As a result, an x86-64 server has the following advantages over an x86-32 server:

- Larger scalability limit
An x86-64 server withstands a larger system workload increase, like an increase in the number of concurrent users or in the number of resource-consuming procedures running at the moment.

- Longer uptime
In certain workload scenarios, an x86-32 server may require rebooting periodically to rule out the memory fragmentation effect. An x86-64 server can work without rebooting during practically unlimited periods of time.

- Better RAM utilization
Each working process of an x86-32 server can access up to 2GB of the memory address space. If the computer where the server is deployed has a larger memory address space, then, to utilize it efficiently, you have to create several working processes. An x86-64 server can access a practically unlimited memory address space via a single working process.

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Vladimir Gurov

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