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OS Windows Server 2008 64-bit.
I have a dongle (HASP) for main distribution kit and i can work with program for one workplace. For obtaining software license for 10 work places, i access Designer mode. And from System administration i am following the "1C:Enterprise 8.2 Administration Guide. Appendix. Obtaining A Software License" book that i have received. In the end the system messages me that ı received the license. But no file placed on server ("*.lic"). So that without dongle i can not access the program, it messages me that i have no license :(.

Is anybody here can help with that problem. Any ideas.. Any suggestions.. Any this that can be useful. :(

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Timofey Bugaevsky


Hello, Murat!
If I understood you correctly, you have activated client licenses, but are trying to run 1C:Enterprise server.
To make your 1C:Enterprise server work you need a license for 1C:Enterprise server. Note that there are different licenses for 32 bit and 64 bit 1C:Enterprise servers.
Client licenses will work for clients only. You can use them for file-based infobases or connection to 1C:Enterprise server.

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