How to use External Data Sources like Catalog?

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Hi there,
I got question, I have  database on SQL, SQL and 1c connected no any problems, but, I could not figure out how to use External Data Sources like Catalog.
for ex
on SQL : Database name = Products
please, if it's possible attache jpg
thank you.

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Hi Odilbek Saporov!
You could do follow:
- Use "External data source" that you Add.
- In new external data source that you have just add -> select "Data" tab -> select "Select from list of external data source tables" => that you config "Connection string" and some thing. You can understand the meaning on the form.
- After you done above, you can write an action the same:

StrQuery = New Query;
StrQuery.Text = "SELECT 
          |   Products.ID,
          |   Products.Name
          |   ExternalDataSource.ExternalDataSource1.Table.Products AS Products";
Result = StrQuery.Execute().Choose();
While Result.Next() Do

I hope you can do it, good luck.

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