Integration 1C Accounting to SAP FI ECC 6.0

1C:Enterprise platform integration capabilities and techniques

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we use SAP ECC 6.0 in most countries in our company, Russia uses 1C. Is it possible to send all accounting documents from 1C to SAP FI module on a daily basis? Are there any standard interfaces we can use?
So 1C should stay the operating system in Russia but we would like to see all finance figures also in SAP.

Thank you

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Hello Christine,

yes, of course it's possible to do. There are several options for how this interaction can be implemented.

The choice of a specific solution already depends on what we want to do.

In your case, SAP can connect to 1C via an HTTP service and take the necessary data, or vice versa, 1C can periodically upload data to SAP, using SAP PI or SAP RFC for this.

And of course, the project needs to be discussed in more detail.

Best regards,

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