Error in use OData to GET AccumulationRegister_Inventory/BanlanceAndTurnovers

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This is my string to get BalanceAndTurnovers function of AccumulationRegister_InventoryOnHand

GET {source}/odata/standard.odata/AccumulationRegister_InventoryOnHand/BalanceAndTurnove­rs(Dimensions='Item, Characteristic',Condition='Item_Key eq guid'9bc77814-f6b6-11e7-9d8e-10604b735b16'')?$format=JSON

but it raise error:

   "odata.error": {
       "code": "-1",
       "message": {
           "lang": "en",
           "value": "Error executing query"

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Hi, Thanh Son Nguyen!

It could be everything.
For example, the problem might be linked with credentials (roles). Check them.

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