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The company I work for, which is a global company, with subsidiaries in over 20 countries, is looking to convert all its subsidiaries to PeopleSoft HCM. We are currently running 1C for both HR and Finance. My questions are:

1. How can I obtain a data dictionary that is completely in English?

2. Has anyone created or had experience in creating an interface from a PeopleSoft or SAP to the 1C payroll component?

Thank you

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Timofey Bugaevsky


Hello, George!

If you use Russian configuration, then you will need to use Russian names to access objects. If it is a hudge problem, you could use raw data, that is stored in your SQL database.

But I suggest you to ask for support one of 1C:Partners.

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Company: FINCA Intl


Thank you for your reply. I have reached out to a couple of Partners. I will wait for their reply.

But my question is still is - is there a data dictionary with the field and table names in English?

Thanks again.

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You can try to use this function in 1C:Enterprise - GetDBStorageStructureInfo()
It will return to you ValueTable with a data dictionary with names of tables, fields and indexes in database.

Look at screenshot - is this what you are looking for?

Also I attach a data processor which can help you to explore this data.

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