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1C:Enterprise platform integration capabilities and techniques

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We want to integrate 1C with some online platform(all our online orders from different marketplaces and our website will be managed from there)the developers need api documentation and have found your website from google and they couldn't download 1C:Enterprise Administrative Service API because you need a valid licence to do that. We have 1 server license 1C Enterprise and 5 user licenses and when i put the Registration number and the pin provided the page returned no products found and i cant download the documentation.
Or maybe the requested API documentation is not in Learn > Knowledge base >1C:Enterprise Administrative Service API but somewhere else can you help us get the documentation for API? Or why i cant register our product on here we have 1 server license and 3 pin code provided and not one working

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Hi Vasile!

"1C:Enterprise Administrative Service API" is used to manage a cluster of servers, this is not what you need.

To exchange data between 1C and any online platform, you can use REST API, which provides 1C:Enterprise.

We're now preparing a publication in which there will be an example of working with 1C: Enterprise through the REST API

Do you have "1C:Enterprise Developer Guide"? This document also describes several ways to integrate 1C and other IT systems.

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