ETL tools with connectors to [1c] : ERP

1C:Enterprise platform integration capabilities and techniques

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I am trying to identify ETL tools that have out of the box connectors to connect to the SQL Server Database that is backend DB of [1c]:ERP . This is to fetch data , enable CDC etc to ingest data to a data lake for analytics and machine learning. I checked cloud provider services like ADF , AWS Glue etc but they dont seem to have. Please guide on how to establish either batch data connectivity(ODBC) or real time APIs to the back end SQL server DB of [1c] :ERP

I am still in research phase trying to identify the right tool with connectors and went through documentations of tools like ADF , AWS Glue , Talend but yet to find any reference of a connector to [1c] : ERP

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Hello Vaisakh,

it's very difficult to advise you here, since 1C stores data in SQL in a very "raw" form... it is very difficult to work with them...

But we have our own BI solutions - 1C:Analytics.

This solution has a completely English-language interface, and we are currently preparing English documentation for this product

Maybe you will be interested to get acquainted with this product?

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