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I have downloaded Rapid data import data processor from its.1c.ru and it is great for the task I have, but there is a tiny problem - it is ordinary application. From the beginning we were developing for Managed application and support for ordinary application is disabled. So I have a problem: I can not use this data processor with my Infobase or I need to enable legacy support for configuration, and it seems to me not the best idea.
So, do you have updated version for the DP?
Or is there any way to enable support for legacy mode for DP without changing the configuration?

If nothing is possible, what potential problems could I get if I enable ordinary mode compatibility?

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Timofey Bugaevsky


The latest version is available at its.1c.ru, note that it is in Russian, but you can ask for help at this forum and, I guess, one of specialists will be happy to develop an updated version for you which will work in managed mode.

If you will allow running ordinary forms in managed mode, you will have to use a Thick client.
Also note that if you will import for example catalog items, and there is an object module code which utilizes common modules, you might have problems with visibility of modules: they should be accessible for client (ordinary applications).

Any way you should make a backup and tests before you will let users work with new version of your application.

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