Data exchange between english and russian scripted configyrations

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Hi admins,

While our implementations on 1C:Enterprise platform we faced some needs as, data exchange between english and russian scripted configurations.
We use Data Conversion (Конвертация данных) configuration to set up rule between configurations. So, this application create rules for russian script based apps.
Also we know you translated 1C:SL from Russian to English lang. And on Subsystems Library there is standardized exhange module. But this will work just on english based configurations. Do you plan realize some standard mechanism for data exchange that will work on/between both script langs? Or we need to customize Data Conversion configuration for our needs?

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Dear Murat,

Data Conversion 2.0 has no restrictions on working with applications in different languages. For example, for the Russian configuration, the scripts are written in Russian, for English, respectively, in English. The description of configuration metadata is also downloaded for each configuration separately.

Did you have any problems when preparing the exchange for configurations with different code? If yes, could you describe the situation and with which version of the Data Conversion you worked?

Best regards,

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