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There is a company which uses 1C.Sometimes  Internet connection cuts.We want to use 1C with offline mode.Users enters datas when the ınternet connection is off and When they connect the ınternet,datas must be updated in database.How to use 1C with offline mode? Is there any example about it?

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Hello Mesut,

yes, of course, 1C can work in the absence of Internet access or with a poor connection.

For example, "Thin client" continues to work with a short-term disconnection and the user does not even notice it.

If your Internet connection is very unstable or a very thin channel, then you can use the following technology: at each workplace a local database is used and there is also a server where data from all workplaces is stored. Periodic data exchange takes place between these databases.

In this case, as a workplace, you can use both a desktop and a mobile device. As you probably know, "Mobile platform 1C" works completely autonomously and does not depend on the availability of the Internet.

It is also possible to create a mobile application using the "Mobile Client with Offline Mode" technology. This technology allows you to work with 1C programs in poor connection conditions.

You can see some examples of these solutions in our blog:

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