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I want to change text area language in order to user.For example,If user enter the system as English,user can enter english record in  text area or ıf user enter the system as Portuguese,user can enter portuguese record in text area.

I don't say program language, I mean that language of data area must be change by user language.How can I do this?

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How I understand, you wont to create some items, on few language, and fill description on users lang, and show him this items on hos lang. If yes, then we do it like this:

You can create common attribute as Description_en, Description_fr etc.
Set catalogs, which you want use like multilang.
After that create subscription, on event PresentationFieldsGetProcessing by Catalog manager, and say which attributes you need, to create presentation, like:

Procedure PresentationFieldsGetProcessing(Source, Fields, StandardProcessing) Export

After that create one more event subscription PresentationGetProcessing, and put this code:
Procedure GetCatalogPresentation(Source, Data, Presentation, StandardProcessing) Export
   UserLangCode = SomeFunctionToGetUsersLangCode();   
   Presentation = Data["Description_" + UserLangCode];

But, you have to know, that you have use manual sorting by field, not Ref, example in reports, or some list.
And, it will take some to additional time to show you large report.

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