select getdate() in DataCompositionScheme query

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Hello everybody,
MS SQL allows to get current date in query this way: "select getdate()". In 1C query it doesn't work. I need to get current date in DataCompositionScheme query and I don't know how to do it. Function CurrentDate() doesn't work in queries, only in scripts.
I know that in queries I can use parameters, for example:

Query.Text = "select &getdateparameter";

but is it possible to do the same in DataCompositionScheme query? I can't see such a possibility.
Thank you in advance for your help,

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Timofey Bugaevsky


Hello, Kris Lipiński!

You can use parameters in data composition schema too.
If you specify it in query that you use as data source in data composition schema, they will appear on the Parameters tab. There also will be built-in parameters used to filter data in periodic registers.

On the Parameters tab you can set value (the Value column) if this parameter is static, but usually you would like parameters to be changeable by user. In this case you need to clear check boxes in the Availability restriction column.

Then you can specify default values for parameters, for example, beginning of this week or beginning of this day in your case on the Parameters tab of the Settings tab.

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Hello, Kris Lipiński!

Also, on the Parameters tab you can use global context function CurrentDate() (the Expression column).

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Hi, Kris Lipiński,

I recommend using CurrentSessionDate() instead of CurrentDate() as shown in our Best practices to avoid any issue with time zones.

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