How I can use in 1C Translator for translate only User Interface?

This application automates translation. It is intended for both corporate and individual use. Details for 1C:Translator

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I need translate tags "content" from "ru" to "pl".
Need to transfer correctly to the proper tags (from lang ru "Счета и платежи" to lang pl - "Rachunki i opłaty").

­    <v8:item>
­     <v8:lang>ru</v8:lang>
­     <v8:content>Счета и платежи</v8:content>
­    </v8:item>
­    <v8:item>
­     <v8:lang>pl</v8:lang>
­     <v8:content>Rachunki i opłaty </v8:content>
­    </v8:item>
­    <v8:item>
­     <v8:lang>en</v8:lang>
­     <v8:content>Invoices and payments</v8:content>
­    </v8:item>
­    <v8:item>
­     <v8:lang>de</v8:lang>
­     <v8:content>Rechnungen und Zahlungen</v8:content>
­    </v8:item>

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Timofey Bugaevsky


Hello, Vadim!

This feature is going to be available in the next version of 1C:Translator. So far, you can use the built-in Edit interface texts feature of Designer mode. More details you can find in the Translating application interface chapter of 1C:Translator User Guide.

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