A typical document translation procedure is now as follows:

  • Export your document to HTML format. For example, open it in Microsoft Word and then save it in the Web page, Filtered format.
  • Create a document translation project. In this project, select the Split and assemble HTML by headers and Clear HTML tags check boxes.
  • Import the HTML file as original text. You will get a set of texts ordered in the same way as they were ordered in the source file.
  • Translate the texts.
  • Export the main text (the one that has the same name as the source document file). Remember to select the Assemble HTML by main text check box and ensure that the Split and assemble HTML by headers is still selected in the project settings). You will get the translated document in plain HTML format.
  • Open the resulting HTML in any pagination software and produce a document that is ready for printing works.
More info see on 1C:Translator page.