If you have a previously translated document version and want to migrate to 1C:Translator, you can use the following procedure:

  • Import the HTML document in the source language that was last time used as a translation source.
  • Import the HTML in the target language that is the translation of the source document that you imported during the previous step.
  • You will have pairs of texts that do not match each other because they have different file names. To merge them, select a text that contains the translation, run the Merge text command (Ctrl+M), and select the matching original text. As a result, one of the texts will contain both the source and the translation, and the other one will become marked for deletion (note that the merging never replaces actual text with empty text).
  • Manually copy the translation titles and translation file names for all folders in the translation project folder and mark the folders that you no longer need for deletion.
  • Delete the old files using the Marked object deletion data processor.
  • Select all texts, run the Group attribute changing command (Ctrl+I), and set their State to Ready. This step is required because the imported texts are different from their previous versions that were marked as ready.
  • Import the latest HTML files in the source language as original text.
  • Since the file names are based on headers, if any headers were changed in the latest document version, some texts might be duplicated. Merge the duplicates using the Merge text command.
More info see on 1C:Translator page.