1C:Small Business for Poland

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Joined: Mar 13, 2013
Company: Rapid

we have configuration 1C:Small Business translated into Polish. Our configuration have implemented Polish accounting.
Systemy Informatyczne
Rapid Sp. z o.o.
Grupa Dr IT
Ul. Pilotów 37/2
31-462 Kraków
+48 885011600

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Company: Brighteye AB

Hi, have you also managed to translate all commands, like 'Write and Close' or other buttons in Command bar. Or are they already existing in Polish language? For me it seems to be hard coded - or? Trying to translate into Swedish, which is not one of the standard languages in 1C. Regards

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Company: Rapid

Hi, this buttons not translate in Designer. Swedish language must be add to 1C:Enterprice like Polish.
When you install 1C:Enterprice you has place to choice of language, in this place 1C must put Swedish like Polish. When 1C in designer put Swedish, then will be added Swedish on the all system buttons.
Best regards,

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Dear Volodymyr Romanyshyn,

Me and my work-team discovered vacancy on 1C-DN
And we really interested in software development for companies in EU and Asia areas.

We are group of certified developers and consultants on 1C:Enterprise8 platform searching for a job/interesting project outside Russian Federation to get international experience of developing on the platform and, of course, to bring exiting 1C techs to the world! We think 1C:Enterprise8 is the best solution to develop grate software products for business companies in short in short time.

I will be glad to provide a summary of developers in our group.

Sergey Volynkin
Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan
Tel.:   +7 (937) 28-28-024
E-mail: SVVol@outlook.com

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Dear Volodymyr Romanyshyn,

I am 1C Programmer from Ukraine, I have good knowledgets on base 1C:Enterprise 7.7, 8.x, SQL, Lotus more than 10 years and I can create the service with all functionality you need on base 1C:Enterprise. I am looking for full time work or project-work.

I carry about my clients so you will make the right move choosing me, and I will do anything to justify your confidence.  

Best regards
Kirichenko Dennis

1C developer
Skype: DennisAusOdessa
Tel. +38 (067) 10-396-10
E-mail: kirichenkod@gmail.com

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