Special period meaning

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We suggest to add in platform such function: in Turkey we have in local legislation special accounting period. In this "accounting period" begin of period is 01.07.yyyy and end of period is 30.06.yyyy. For that may be added extra parameter(s) for functions like BegOfYear(), BeginOfPeriod(&Date,YEAR). And so autonumeration of documents may will start from 01.07.yyyy. For example amortization calculates related with 01.07.yyyy. This situation named as "Special Accounting Period".

At the moment, we control all this situation manually in code. But would be perfect even if platform could understand this specialities.

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Hello, Murat!

I have submitted your feature request to the developer team.

Nevertheless, you can build your queries to receive the beginning of financial year as a parameter and do not calculate it inside the query. In the script you can define functions that return the begiining of financial year and use them instead of BegOfYear.

Hope, this helps.

1C Company support team