"Cannot read property 'jm' of undefined" error occurred.

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1C:Enterprise 8.3 (
1C:Drive (

After clicking "Analysis" - "More reports ..." this error occurred. This error occurred only on web clients. Browsers are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. In a thin client, the program works without errors.

Cannot read property 'jm' of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property 'jm' of undefined
at fT.eg (mod_main_mainform.js?sysver=
at ko.h.yz (mod_main_mainform.js?sysver=
at m5 (mod_main_mainform.js?sysver=

Has anyone encountered this error?

Edited: Николай Мясников - Sep 16, 2019 03:37 PM
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Dear Николай Мясников,

thank you for your message.

Indeed, this error occurs only on the web client.

We will pass the error information to the configuration developers.