MultimediaTools Barcode not fast

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#If MobileAppClient Then
      If MultimediaTools.BarcodeScanningSupported() Then
         StartScanNotify = New NotifyDescription("BarcodeScanProcess", ThisForm);
         EndScanNotify = New NotifyDescription("BarcodeScanProcessClose", ThisForm);
         MultimediaTools.ShowBarcodeScanning("Barcode",StartScanNotify ,EndScanNotify,BarcodeType.Linear);

I have a Samsung Tab S2 tablet. I tried this code for scanning barcode. But this function very slowly. How can i do fastest scanning barcode?

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Hello, Hüseyin Çağrı Bayraktar!

Have a look at the CurrentItem doesn`t work on mobile platform Android topic. Among others, it is about scanning barcodes.

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