Platform type recognition on Mobile Platform

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On mobile platform do we have possibility to recognize even if mobile device under iOS or Android or Windows?

we can get from "SystemInfo().OSVersion". Another way as it works on PC by property "PlatformType", can we get an information that Mobile device under iOS or Android or Windows?

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Dear Murat,

Here is an excerpt from the Syntax Assistant's help topic on the SystemInfo.PlatformType property:


Read only.

Type: PlatformType; Undefined.
The current platform type.


Thin client, web-client, Mobile client, server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (client), Mobile application (server).

If the platform type differs from the PlatformType type in the web client mode, contains Undefined.
Contains Undefined if the mobile 1C:Enterprise is used. >>

So, by using this property, you can at least learn whether the application's 1C:Enterprise platform runs on a desktop OS or on a mobile OS.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurov

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