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I have a document form where i display a tabular section of products on a table.
I noticed i can add a field of type image field. I set the datapath to a picture address and tried to load a picture from the disk but nothing is shown in both windows and android. The idea is to show small thumbnails of the product on the table.
The code below works perfectly when i have a single image field in a form and not in a table.

for each row in Object.items Do
      Code = trimAll(row.itemCode.Code);
      PictureAddress = "";
      picFile = new file(PicPath+code+".jpg");
      if picFile.Exist() then
         picAddress = PicPath+code+".jpg"; 
         PictureBinaryData = New BinaryData(picAddress);
         PictureAddress = PutToTempStorage(PictureBinaryData);
         picFile = new file(PicPath+code+".png");
         if picFile.Exist() then
            picAddress = PicPath+code+".png";
            PictureBinaryData = New BinaryData(picAddress);
            PictureAddress = PutToTempStorage(PictureBinaryData);
      row.pictureAddress = PictureAddress;


The variable PictureAddress in the row is of type string.

Is this even possible to be done? And if yes what am i doing wrong.

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Dear Christos,

your source code is correct. Most likely you are setting up the tabular section in the document incorrectly. I made a small example for you with explanations.

So, we have a document with a tabular section "TabularSection1" and there we need to display the product image. Add the "Photo" attribute to the form, the type of this attribute is "String" (see screenshot 1).

Then at the column "Photo" we change the type to "Image field" and set the size of the picture to "Proportional" (see screenshots 2 and 3).

After completing these settings, your source code will work.

To test it, I made my own short procedure:

   picAddress = "D:\Temp\Pictires\Picture_1.jpg";
   PictureBinaryData = New BinaryData(picAddress);
   PictureAddress = PutToTempStorage(PictureBinaryData);
   For Each curElement In Object.TabularSection1 Do 
      curElement.Photo = PictureAddress;

The last screenshot shows the result.

The size of the displayed images can be changed by changing the properties of the "Photo" column.

Download 1.png (110.29 KB)
Download 2.png (59.04 KB)
Download 3.png (28.08 KB)
Download 4.png (13.78 KB)
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