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I created a catalog and want to import data into it.I have one column with data type "date". Can I import it and how? For example date is 21.1.2022. I tried 21/01/2022, 21012022, 21.01.2022. Maybe it has to do something with regional time format. I use Initial filling/Import data from file.

Any ideas?

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Hey Savo,

please specify:

1. what is the file format from which you want to import data. Is it Excel? Or something else?

2. what 1C configuration do you use? Any typical configuration? Or designed by yourself?

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I have an understanding of what the problem is.

1) The data is loaded using the "Import data from spreadsheets" processing, the data is not taken from a file, but specified in a tabular document.

2) Configuration 1C:ERP WE (

The solution was as follows, in order to process will be able to convert data into date format, it is necessary to specify the data in the tabular document in the format "20220225"

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Hello everyone!

Try to do the following:

YourDate = "2022-02-25T16:31:14";

DateType = XDTOFactory.Type("", "dateTime");

Your1CDate = XDTOFactory.Create(DateType, YourDate).Value

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