Capturing handwritten signature in custom 1C app on Android

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Dear community,

We want to implement a mechanism, that remotely initiates/API calls a window in 1c mobile app or webclient (open on a android tablet) to capture handwritten signature, later to be overlayed/automatically put on a pdf file. API call is gonna be done on a Windows machine from a external-non 1C application. We understand that there might be a need to have a webserver inbetween and its ok. On the tablet itself it is important to have as little clicks as possible before and after writing the signature. Window for signature capturing on the mobile app should pop up automatically. We have a basic mobile 1c configuration that can capture the signature.

Can someone share an example or demo configuration of technically similar-relevant mobile solution, so that we can understand the totality of methods need to be used?

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Hello Ged,

why do you want to make this mobile app on 1C? Are there any specific tasks for this app? Or will it only scan fingerprints?

Although I'm a 1C developer, I'd make such an application in another language...

All the same, the 1C platform is designed to quickly create business applications, to account for goods or something else

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