How to protect configuration from unauthorized use?

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1c:enterprise have a built-in mechanism to protect platform, but how to protect configuration? FOr example, I want to make 2 different configuration, one of them costs 100 usd, other - 200 usd. Without any copy protection it is very easy to copy the one with costs more to the less expansive installation.

Other question is: Is it possible to know the license number and activation date from 1c code? We are providing support for our end-customers and we need to know the date of registration and if the customer still have rights to access additional support information pages. (like ITS in Russia)

We really do not want to add some more authentication or special codes for support.

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The 1С-platform has some protective mechanisms of a configuration (delivery without source code, installation of password on modules), but they are easily may
cracked by the competent expert.
The unique guaranteed protection - using hardware protection. And the part of program logic should be removed from configuration and put in a protection component (as example, some difficult query text or algorithms).
It isn't free and it is not simple, but differently 100 % of protection won't be.

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