Poll: Built-in games, good or bad?

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Hello, colleagues!

I'm thinking on advantages and disadvantages of building games into business applications. On the one side it takes a time from work and on the other it allows to make an application user-friendly.

For example if I want to teach people how to work with the computer, I start from games. Plus I can see the time of playing and disable a game until the next day.

What do you think?

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In my opinion, gameplay of games on other platforms (for example, Flash) is better)

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The gameplay depends on the idea, not the platform. If you remember the most well known games are Solitaire and Tetris which does not have much of graphics.

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No. I doubt that it would be an interesting game. Also I doubt that people who should work with the system will like an idea that they work with a game...

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I'm not sure that it could help: if people are playing in the place where they work, they start loosing concentration on work thinking it is not important and you can restart a game when they make a mistake.

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