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Timofey Bugaevsky


We have updated the rating calculation parameters.

1. for posts/topics older than 1 day (this gives the moderators time to remove bad ones), the author receives +0.05 to their rating;
2. we offer incentives for active users, posts/topics that were created during the last month add triple points to the author's rating (+0.15);
3. votes for posts/topics are counted based on the voter's rating:

  • 0 for voter's rating < 2 (users with rating < 2 are not allowed to vote)
  • 0.3 for voter's rating <= 10
  • 0.5 for voter's rating <= 50
  • 1.0 for voter's rating <= 100
  • 1.5 for voter's rating > 100;
4. each vote for a user adds 0.3 to the rating;
5. votes older than 365 days are excluded from ratings.

The rating table is updated. See the Users page.

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Timofey Bugaevsky


Users with rating >= 2 can create polls and attach them to their forum topics.

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