Does Platform Use Special Features Of Each DBMS That Support

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1C:Enterprise Platform supports PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Oracle DBMS. Each DBMS support special features for working with it (like support of CAP Theorem - Consistency, Availability, Partition Tolerance, like many features of each DBMS).

Does Platform Use Each Special Features In DBMS?

If yes, can anyone give some exaples? Or any documentation(s) that explain Platform's working principles with PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Oracle? Of course it expected to be noted in documentation the releases of DBMS.

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Timofey Bugaevsky


You should understand that 1C supports several DBMS at a time, that is why not 100% of capabilities are utilized. But ones that are required for platform needs are utilized.
At the same time one DBMS provides one set of capabilities and another provides different set. If some functionality is required for the platform but DBMS does not support it - this functionality will be emulated.

To understand the platform operation with specific DBMS one should use a debugger to see which queries are generated instead of ones that you write for 1C:Enterprise platform.

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