1C: AccountingSuite giving error while inside 1C Enterprise Server

Accounting and inventory IFRS/GAAP suite for SMB. General questions. See 1C:AccountingSuite details

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Hi, we're receiving an error when trying to open the items page in 1C: AccountingSuite.

Video of problem:

Quote of technical support error:

Platform: 1C:Enterprise 8.3 (
Configuration: AccountingSuite, v 1.1 ( (accountingsuite.com)
AccountingSuite ™ owned by 1C LLC. All rights reserved.
Mode: Server (compression: enhanced)
Application: Thin client
Localization: Infobase: English (United States), Session: English (United States)
Interface mode: Taxi

4/13/2015 8:03:53 PM
Unrecoverable error
Error executing the query POST to resource /e1cib/logForm:
DBMS error:
ERROR:  column t9.q_001_f_000rref does not exist at character 2147

Screenshot of error:

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Charlie, Hello.

The same kind of issue was discussed here:
Some 1C SQL queries generate wrong PostgreSQL queries

This problem appears when AccountingSuite is running on Postgree SQL.

Our developers know about that, and problem will be solved in 8.3.6 version of 1C:Enterprise platform.

Thank You.

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