NSSSecureConnection problem with 8.3.8

Accounting and inventory IFRS/GAAP suite for SMB. General questions. See 1C:AccountingSuite details

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Hey guys,

We like the Accounting Suite solution since it so simple and cover the basic business transactions. We however faced a problem running the configuration on the test platform 8.3.8. There is an error happens when posting Sales, Bills etc:

{CommonModule.InternetConnectionClientServer.Module(667,21)}: Type is not defined (NSSSecureConnection)

Is there any way we can fix the problem locally on our system without changing the configuration? Probably there are some settings available? Any help is highly appreciated ))))

Thanks )

Edited: Alex Vorozhtsov - May 05, 2016 04:34 AM
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Unfortunately the NSSSecureConnection object (and all NSS entity) was removed in platform version 8.3.8.
This object is not used directly by the AccountingSuite, but AccountingSuite uses the InternetConnectionLibrary, which implements the NSSSecureConnection object.

We are planning to update AccountingSuite cloud version to newer versions of 1C:Enterprise when all of the tests of the newer 1C:Enterprise platform were be completed in the AccountingSuite cloud.
We also planning to implement an updated version of InternetConnectionLibrary into AccountingSuite which will be compatible to the new 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.8.

Currently the cloud version of AccountingSuite uses version of 1C:Enterprise and we also recommend continue using this version of 1C:Enterprise with 1C-DN version of AccountingSuite. The AccountingSuite can also be used with new 1C:Enterprise platform in compatibility mode with 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.6.

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