Latest version of 1C:AccountingSuite ( crashes on adding item to sales order, sales quote

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We're trying to use the latest version of 1C:AccountingSuite, but unfortunately it's unusable as this version crashes when you attempt to add an item to any sales order and sales quote.

This has been tested on multiple computers with the latest version of 1C Enterprise and also with the same result.

When you try to add an item, the application client crashes immediately:

This also briefly flashes (< 1 second) before the app crashes:

I attached 1cv8c.exe to a Visual Studio debugger to try to get more information, this is the exception that results on trying to add an item (always happens):

Unhandled exception at 0x15E08371 (frame.dll) in 1cv8c.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000094.

Thanks in advance!

Download VLDd.png (70.67 KB)
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I believe we know about this error. The only solution now is to use the system in the web browser. The issue should be fixed in the upcoming release of 1C:Enterprise (8.3.6).

Our apologies for the issue.


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Charlie Rakowski,
Just replace "Add" button to a standard Add command for this tabular section and everything gonna be fine.
1) return standard command "Add" to a command set
2) add this button on form
3) hide old command

The crashes ended on my computer (

Download 1.png (101.77 KB)
Download 2.png (61.29 KB)
Download 3.png (69.41 KB)
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