This version includes a set of subsystems that are required to build and manage applications that operate in service mode.
Some of subsystems of 1C:Subsystems Library 1.0 were not included in this version. It is recommended to replace entire the library during update as these versions are not compatible.
Version 2.0 is designed for partners who develop applications that are intended to be used as SaaS. This version of 1C:Subsystems Library includes the following subsystems:

  • Base functionality (updated)
  • User sessions (replacement for User Session Termination)
  • Contact information (updated)
  • Item order setup (updated)
  • Infobase version update (updated)
  • Get files from Internet (replacement for File Download)
  • Users (updated)
  • Object prefixation (replacement for Object Prefixes)
  • Email operations (updated)
  • Scheduled jobs (updated)
  • Data import/export (new)
  • Remote administration (new)
  • Message exchange (new)
  • Job queue (new)
  • Supplied data (new)
  • Data exchange (new)
More details and download at 1C:Subsystems Library section.