There are errors in catalog "World countries"

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Good day.

Could you check the catalog "World countries"?

There are errors:

1. {Catalog.WorldCountries.ManagerModule(407)}: Object field not found (FieldNamesByString)
FieldNamesByString = "," + StrReplace(NamesOfFields.FieldNamesByString, " ", "");

2. {Catalog.WorldCountries.ManagerModule(53)}: Error calling context method (Execute)
Selection = Query.Execute().Select();
, reason:
{(9, 5)}: Field not found "Name"
BY <<?>>Name

3. {Catalog.WorldCountries.ManagerModule(426)}: Object field not found (FieldList)
For Each FieldData IN NamesOfFields.FieldList Do

4. Catalog.WorldCountries.ManagerModule(427)}: Object field not found (PresentationPattern)
Query.Text = StringFunctionsClientServer.PlaceParametersIntoString(QueryPattern,

5. Template Classifier:
<Value>Russian Federation</Value>
Alpha 2 must be "RU"

Thank you.

Edited: Anna Koryakovskaya - Apr 27, 2016 05:00 PM
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Timofey Bugaevsky


Hello, Anna!

Thank you, we will fix this issue in the future release.

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