Not working button "Add" in data processor "Pricing"

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How to fix:

1. Make the following changes to the form's module:
  - ***DataProcessor.Pricing
  - ***DataProcessor.Pricing.Form.Form
   - Module - Values differ
    Changed: 308 - 308
    < "·|·Catalog.Item AS CatalogItems"
    > "·|·Catalog.Items AS CatalogItems"
    Changed: 1131 - 1131
    < "·ElsIf ValueSelected.FillVariant = "FillByItemGroups" Then"
    > "·ElsIf ValueSelected.FillVariant = "AddByItemGroup" Then"

2. Change the value of the field "ChoiceList" of the following Radio buttons:
ДобавитьПоВидуЦен -> AddByPriceKind, ДобавитьПоГруппамНоменклатуры -> AddByItemGroup, ДобавитьПоПриходнойНакладной -> AddByReceiptInvoice, ДобавитьПоЦеновымГруппам -> AddByPriceGroup.

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