1C Company releases 1C:Small Business.

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April 02, 2012

1C Company announces the release of 1C:Small Business (1C:SB), version 1.2. 1C:Small Business is a software solution for small enterprises to help them automate their daily business activities: purchases & sales, manufacturing, service, project management, and much more.

The partners of 1C Company (independent software vendors) can customize 1C:Small Business to create proprietary solutions for either the local or global marketplace. 1C:Small Business is built on the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 business application platform, and the combined power of this platform and 1C:Small Business helps 1C partners quickly deliver their off-the-shelf software products and integrated solutions to the international market.

1C:Small Business can be downloaded from 1C:Developer Network in an open-source format. Use the 1C:Enterprise 8 Training Version to run 1C:Small Business on your local workstation. You can also customize and learn the application from inside.

You can try out 1C:Small Business for free using our online demo in your internet browser. Alongside this is a new forum section dedicated to 1C:Small Business questions and ideas.

1C:Small Business, a free business application, is distributed "as is" and can be used as a basis to develop own applications.

Please visit the 1C:Small Business section for more information.

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