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November 01, 2019

1C:Enterprise Development Tools is an integrated new-generation environment for the development of 1C:Enterprise business applications. You can use 1C:EDTools alongside with 1C:Enterprise Designer. Applications developed with 1C:EDT are fully compatible with the latest 1C:Enterprise versions. Its advantages are the compliance with the latest demands and requirements, and rapid evolution and enhancement capabilities for the development environment.

Version 1.15 is an improved previous version. Here we made some improvements to the ergonomics of the 1C:Enterprise perspective, arranged the work with external data sources, motion designer and fixed a number of bugs.

What’s new in 1C:Enterprise Development Tools 1.15:

  • 1C:Enterprise perspective

We simplified the standard composition of the 1C:Enterprise perspective by hiding the rarely used panels. Now the Navigator panel is on the left, the editing area – in the middle, and the Properties, Schema and Syntax Assistant panels – on the right of the screen.

The Configuration Errors and Infobases panels are collapsed on the left side of the screen, and all other panels, previously existing in this perspective, now are hidden.

Such perspective composition is more understandable for new users and does not frighten them with an abundance of ‘unknown’ panels.

  • External data sources

We implemented the work with External data sources configuration objects.

A user can import external sources from the configuration, as well as create them manually by adding tables, fields, cubes, functions, etc.

Automatic description generation for an external source with aid of the connection line is not supported so far, this functionality will be implemented later.

  • Motion designer

We arranged a motion designer. By using this, a user can create a document conduction procedure.

This designer is identical to the register motion designer, existing in 1C:Enterprise 8, but enjoys a number of additional capabilities:

1)    automatic syntax checking at the stage of expression composition

2)    preview of the conduction procedure to be generated by the designer

3)    adding the registers, the state of which can change the document during its conduction.

To get acquainted with new capabilities of the tool, please enter your 1С:Developer Network account and download 1C:Enterprise Development Tools

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