1C:Enterprise Development Tools 2022.1 is available

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September 23, 2022

New in 1C:EDT 2022.1
  • 1C:EDT has migrated to the Eclipse 2022.03 platform. Java compatibility requirements remain unchanged (JDK 11) until the tools are fully adapted to JDK 17.
  • Higher debugging speed.
  • Improved mechanisms for quick fixes based on check results.
  • Better stability and fault tolerance due to the improved mechanism for managing 1C:EDT system processes.
  • Optimizations to various 1C:EDT mechanisms.
  • A new option that allows limiting the number of CPU threads that 1C:EDT uses to perform the following resource-intensive operations:
    • Import of data in 1C:EDT;
    • Compare and merge configurations;
    • Language data building;
    • Configuration checks.
  • The number of threads is set in the Java command line with the parameter -DcoreLimit=. By default, the number of threads is unlimited.
  • New export-to-infobase configuration integrity checks with check results displayed in the configuration error panel.
  • Platform-ready beta version plugins included:
    • 1C:EDT Project Checks plugin;
    • 1C:SSL Support for 1C:EDT plugin;
    • 1C:Development Standards plugin.

You can download the new version by following the link
 1C:Enterprise development tools 2022.1

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September 21, 2022

A new version of mobile platform 1C:Enterprise 8.3.21 is available

In the new release:
  • Supported ZIP archive operations in the mobile version of 1C:Enterprise.
  • More logical and understandable operations with report and dynamic list settings.
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October 11, 2022

A new version 1C:Enterprise 8.3.22 is available

We improved the previous version 8.3.22, fixed bugs, and added new cool features.
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