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November 27, 2019

Industrial Line’s specialists have automated the production quality management of Efes Rus, one of the leaders in the beer brewing industry in Russia. The new system, created on 1C:Enterprise, helps to control the quality of products at each stage of the technological process, as well as reduce the time for preparing operational production reporting. There is an opportunity now to analyze quality parameters according to various criteria, identify possible causes of deviations of quality indicators from world industry standards and develop measures to prevent such deviations. All this has helped to ensure the high quality of products at Efes Rus factories.

Efes Rus is the Russian division of the international beer brewing company Anadolu Efes, which ranks 11th among the world brewing enterprises and has 15 breweries in 6 countries. In each country, the company is represented by both remarkable international brands and local product trademarks, which are become leaders in local markets due to the highest quality of products.

The main priority in the company’s development strategy is to maintain high quality. The quality management system at Efes Rus plants is organized taking into account international, Russian and corporate standards. In order to simplify the quality control procedures and enhance their efficiency, it was decided to implement an information system which would enable the company:

  • to organize operational accounting for several millions of product test samples per year for their compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation;
  • to prepare detailed sampling plans taking into account the following criteria – production stage, type of material, semi-manufactured or finished products, sampling method, analysis parameters, and frequency, etc.
  • to promptly manage the calculation of sampling plans for the given models and detect deviations of actual quality indicators from the set standards;
  • to reduce the time needed for the search and analysis of deviation reasons;
  • to ensure opportune calculation and changing of quality specifications for various parameters and standards;
  • to form a reporting package on the quality indicators;
  • to develop measures for preventing deviations;
  • to cut the time required for computing quality indicators (KPI quality indices).

The new system was developed on the 1C:Enterprise platform. The company Industrial Line was invited as a project executor.

Key project results

1) Organized efficient system for the traceability of batches of raw materials and products. Ensured prompt reporting on the traceability in accordance with the requirements of the production quality system. In case of detection of a defect in any component or material, a user can quickly track which batches of finished products have it, as well as find out what caused this defect and at what stage of the production process.

2) Arranged operational calculation of the key KPI indices on the product quality, achieved faster KPI report generation, significantly fewer errors.

3) It became possible to plan the quality sampling in detail for different parameters - types of products, production stages, equipment employed, etc.

4) Ensured significantly quicker search for deviations, a simplified procedure for developing methods and recommendations to prevent them in the future.

 Thus, the overall product quality indicators at the Russian plants of the Efes group have been substantially improved.

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